Top 10 Highest Paying Blog Niche 2013


If you are looking for some good information on how to earn money with your blog(s) and how to effectively do it with Google Adsense, then this article is right was you need. There are so many ways of monetizing your blog and Adsense program is one of the most popular one.

There is one huge advantage of it: it is legal and risk free. If you use Adsense within Google’s guidelines, you will definitely be paid though several of available options. There only one ‘but’ and that is – you need to earn certain sum of money ($100) to be able to request the payment.

Since bloggers get paid every time somebody clicks on the ad, they are seeking for niches where payment per click is as high as possible. True, the higher the niche is paid, the more difficult it is to get traffic, as a rule.

This is why some bloggers choose less competitive topics for their blogs and some desperately searching for so-called ‘holes’ where they benefit from highly paid advertising. Usually they try to rank for a certain key phrase to get traffic and as the result – clicks.

Below you can find top 10 topics (blog niche 2013) that are the highest paid on Adsense and some suggestions what to write about if you decide to start a blog on that topic.

Loans : there tones of different websites on loans and the niche is extremely competitive. You should do a considerable keyword research before you start a blog about loans.

Attorney : here you can research the most common questions people address to attorneys and answer them properly.

Insurance : browse thought some forums and other similar blogs and find out what they write about if you are not an expert in the field of insurance.

Mesothelioma : the topic is quite narrow so there is not much to write about: causes, effects and medicaments. Again – do a keyword research first.

Lasik : this topic is extremely complicated and you should know much about the technology, eyes health and other related topics.

Credit cards : writing about credit cards, their security and diversity also requires specific knowledge from the writer.

Refinance : good topics to cover are: risks, points to consider, types of refinancing, refunding and streamline refinancing.

Domain name : consider writing about the following: domain zones, cost of each domain zones, topics on choosing a domain name.

Single people : this is a quite general topic and requires common knowledge so it might be easy to write about. Suggestions: how to find the one, how to keep your relationships, etc.

Plastic surgery : this topic has become popular 3-4 years ago. You can write about types of plastic surgery, its cost and the post popular surgeons and clinics.

To crown it all, let me share some suggestions on how to organize your activity in order to get as much traffic as possible. First of all you need to learn how to use Google Keyword Planner (former Google Adwords Keyword Tool) and learn at least basics of search engine optimization. Best of luck in earning money with your blogs!

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